How do you say in Spanish

how do you say in Spanish
how do you say in Spanish
How do you say in Spanish.

Today, we are going to talk about how do you say in Spanish. This is a language that is spoken majorly by the people of Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica and many more. It is very easy
language to learn and you can speak this language fluently with some efforts. People around
you would be very surprised and say ‘How do you say in Spanish’.

You can hire a teacher to teach you the language or you can get help by using Google translate. Google translate can help you majorly not only with Spanish language but many other
languages as well. The term ‘How do you say in Spanish’ can be translated from the English to Spanish language as ‘¿Cómo se dice en Español?’.

We can also refer to this language as ‘Español‘. Likewise, you can learn any language with the help of any native of that language. For example, if you have a friend that comes from a Español background, you can get their help to learn this language. Similarly goes with other languages as well.

There are some words in this language that remains the same as in English language. But the pronunciation of the word from both languages can be very different. Now, here are some examples of translating sentences from English language to Español.

Ways to say How do you say in Spanish?


How do you say? – ¿Cómo se dice?

How do you say? – ¿Cómo tú dices?

How do you say? – ¿Cómo usted dice?

How to say? – ¿Cómo decir …?

How to say it? – ¿Cómo decirlo?

How to inform? – ¿Cómo informar?


Marta: Hola Pedro (Hello Pedro)

Pedro: Hola Marta, I have a question

Marta: Si Pedro, por favor dígame (Yes Pedro, please tell me)

Pedro: Marta, how do you say in Spanish: how do you say?

Marta: Pedro, how do you say means: ¿cómo se dice?

Pedro: Muchas gracias. (Thank you very much)