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How do you say goodbye in Spanish

How do you say goodbye in Spanish

This article that you are going to read will tell you about how do you say goodbye in Spanish. Goodbye is a word from the English language that is an expression of taking leave from someone and also means to bid farewell to someone.

How do you say goodbye in Spanish

Goodbye is usually said to a person when you are departing or taking a leave from a place. It is
said to bid a good time ahead to the other person.

How do you say Goodbye in Spanish?

The word goodbye is translated in Español as ‘adiós’.

Adiós is a Spanish word that is commonly used by the native speakers of other languages as well. The antonym or opposite word of goodbye is hello or greeting in any form. Similarly, like goodbye is translated, how do you say hello in Spanish? The Español word for hello is ‘hola’. Greeting someone correctly is very important, especially if you are meeting someone for the first time. We should always try to learn a new language. If not possible, we can at least try to learn how to greet and say hello or goodbye from different languages. It can really make a difference if we put this
effort in our lives.

Here are some examples of the word goodbye used in sentences and their translations.

He said goodbye for the last time before his flight departure’ this is translated as ‘Se
despidió por última vez antes de la salida de su vuelo’

‘She said goodbye to her classmates at the farewell party’ is translated in Español as ‘Se despidió de sus
compañeros en la fiesta de despedida’.

‘We said goodbye to our friends at the end of the party’ is translated as: ‘Nos
despedimos de nuestros amigos al final de la fiesta’.

After reading the article, now you must have a fair idea of how do you say goodbye and hello in the
Spanish language.

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