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How do you say good in Spanish

How do you say good in Spanish

Reading this article will show you how do you say good in Spanish or Español. The word good is
a word from the English language which means of having desired qualities or result. The word
good is usually used for something that is approved or have a better quality.

How do you say good in Spanish

How do you say good in Spanish?

The word good is translated in Spanish as ‘bueno’. The antonym or opposite word for good is bad. The word bad means of something of poor quality or low standard. The word bad is also associated with anything that is unpleasant or unwelcome. How do you say bad in Spanish? The word bad is translated as ‘malo’.

Learning Español as a second language seems like an easy task, but when you start experiencing
the language closely it becomes clear that learning a new language is not to be taken easily. Not
only Español, learning any language that is not your native language can be very difficult.
To master any language, you must be consistent in learning and try to use the words from that
particular language in your daily life and also try to talk with the natives of that language.

‘She iShe is very boring in her studies but her sister is a good student.’ this sentence is translated as ‘Ella es muy aburrida en los estudios pero su hermana es una buena estudiante’.

’She wants to be an athlete as she is very good at sports’ this sentence is
translated in Español as ‘Ella quiere ser deportista ya que es muy buena en los deportes’.

‘She is working very hard to get good grades in school’ is translated as ‘Ella está trabajando muy duro para sacar buenas notas en la escuela’.

Related Words

good – buen, bueno
nice – agradable
kind – amable
right – derecho
fine – fino, bueno, hermoso, sutil, puro, menudo
okay – aprobado
OK – satisfactorio
decent – bastante bueno
fair – razonable
useful – útil
enjoyable – agradable
goodly – hermoso
whatever – cualquier, cualquiera, ninguno, bueno, lindo, atractivo
plentiful – abundante
hearty – cordial
convenient – conveniente

alright – bien

After reading the examples you must have a clear idea of the word good and its translation in
Spanish language.

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