How do you say artichoke in Spanish?

artichokes in Spanish
artichokes in Spanish

How do you say artichoke in Spanish? Artichoke is a European plant resembling a thistle with coarse pinnately incised leaves, cultivated for its large flower heads that is used as a vegetable. The flower bud of this plant resembles a pinecone. Artichoke is very hard to cook and takes a lot of time as you have to get to the center edible part removing the incised leaves. The outer part of the plant is not edible and has a potential hazard of choking, that is how this plant got its name.

How do you say artichoke in Spanish?

The word is translated as ‘alcachofa’.

Sentences with the word artichoke in Spanish

¿Qué es una alcachofa?What is an artichoke?
La alcachofa es una planta.The artichoke is a plant.
¿Se puede comer alcachofa?Can you eat artichoke?
No me gusta la alcachofa.I don’t like artichoke.
Nunca he comido alcachofa.I have never eaten artichoke.
¿Qué recetas conoces que lleven alcachofa?What recipes do you know that contain artichoke?
¿Has comido alcachofa?Have you eaten artichoke?
¿Te gusta la alcachofa?Do you like artichoke?
No sé cómo se prepara la alcachofa.I don’t know how the artichoke is prepared.
Hoy voy a preparar alcachofa.Today I am going to prepare artichoke.
¿Quieres alcachofa?Do you want artichoke?
Mi madre preparó alcachofa.My mother made artichoke.
Hoy vas a comer alcachofa.Today you are going to eat artichoke.
Mi niño comió alcachofa por primera vez.My child ate artichoke for the first time.
¿Te apetece que haga alcachofa?Do you want me to make artichoke?
No conozco la información nutricional de la alcachofa.I do not know the nutritional information of the artichoke.
¿Qué características tiene la alcachofa?What characteristics does the artichoke have?
Te traje un plato de alcachofa.I brought you a plate of artichoke.
¿Cómo preparaste la alcachofa?How did you prepare the artichoke?
Mi padre nunca nos ha hecho alcachofa.My father has never made us artichoke.
La alcachofa te quedó buenísima.The artichoke was very good.
Tengo antojos de comer alcachofa.I have cravings to eat artichoke.
Ve al mercado y compra alcachofa.Go to the market and buy artichoke.
Papi compró 3 libras de alcachofa.Daddy bought 3 pounds of artichokes.
¿Qué precio tiene la alcachofa?What price is the artichoke?
Esa alcachofa está en mal estado.That artichoke is in bad shape.
No hay alcachofa en el supermercado.There is no artichoke in the supermarket.
La alcachofa está mal elaborada.The artichoke is poorly prepared.
Ven, prueba la alcachofa.Come, try the artichoke.
Comer alcachofa es muy saludable.Eating artichoke is very healthy.

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