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Guess What in Spanish

Guess What in Spanish

This article will tell you how to say ‘guess what in Spanish’. Guess what is a term that means to encourage one person to guess what the other is going to say. This term is mostly used in a friendly and fun way.

Guess What in Spanish

How do you say ‘guess what in Spanish’?

This word is translated in the Spanish language as: ‘adivina qué’.


Marta: Pedro, ¿adivina qué había? | Pedro, guess what was there?

Pedro: ¿Había un heladería? | Was there an ice cream parlor?

Marta: Sí | Yes

Phrases Similar to ‘Guess What in Spanish’:

guess who – adivina quién

guess where – adivina dónde

guess why – adivina por qué

guess when – adivina cuándo

guess how – adivina cómo

guess which – adivina cuál(es)

guess what – adivina qué

guess how much – adivina cuánto(a)

guess how many – adivina cuántos(as)




‘¿Adivina que pasó?

‘¿Adivina que él hizo’

‘Guess what happened?’

‘Guess what he did?

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