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Gay in Spanish translation

gay in Spanish translation

What does gay mean in Spanish translation?

gay in Spanish translation
translate gay

How to say gay in Spanish translation?. Gay is a word from the English language that defines a particular type of person that is homosexual. Any person showing interest in the same gender, having homosexual interest is called gay. The word gay is also used to define a state where the person feels happiness. Being carefree is also called gay.

The translation for gay is the same in both languages.

Example: the sentence ‘She told her parents the truth about being gay’ is translated as ‘Ella le dijo a sus padres la verdad sobre ser gay’.

In some Spanish speaking countries like Cuba and Puerto Rico the word gay means ‘maricón’, ‘pata’, ‘pájaro‘, ‘loca’.


bisexual – bisexual

lesbian – lesbiana

homosexual – homosexual

heterosexual – heterosexual

gay – ‘maricón’, ‘pata’, ‘pájaro’, ‘loca’.

transgender – transgénero

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