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Entrenando in Spanish

Entrenando in Spanish

This article will tell you what ‘entrenando’ means in Spanish. ‘Entrenando’ is a word which means ‘training’, this comes from the verb ‘entrenar’ which means ‘to train’. This also describes a practice in which people exercise and get their body in shape. Athletes often train to stay fit for their sports.

Entrenando in Spanish

How to translate entrenando in Spanish?

entrenando – training

entrenar – to train

entrenador – coach, trainer


Lily: ¿Carlos, está entrenando? | Carlos, are you training?

Carlos: Sí, yo estoy entrenando | Yes, I am training


El equipo está entrenando
Pedro estuvo entrenando
Nosotros estaremos entrenando con Luis


The team is training
Pedro was training
We will be training with Luis

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