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Do you speak Spanish in Spanish

do you speak spanish in spanish

This article is going to tell you how do you say ‘Do you speak Spanish’ in Spanish. This question is
from English language which is asked to inquire about the speaking of a language.

do you speak spanish in spanish

This question is translated as:

Tú – You (informal)(singular) – ‘¿Hablas Español?’

Usted – You (formal)(singular) – ¿Habla Español?

Ustedes – You (plural) – ¿Hablan Español?

Here is an example of this term:

Example 1:

English: ‘The new teacher asked the students: Do you speak Español?’

Translation: ‘El nuevo profesor le preguntó a los alumnos: ¿Hablan Español?’.

Example 2:


Marta: Hola, Carlos (Hello, Carlos)

Carlos: Hello Marta. Sorry, do you speak Spanish?

Marta: Yes, I do ( Sí, yo hablo Español)

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