Demandado in Spanish

Demandado in Spanish

This article will tell you what ‘demandado’ means in Spanish. ‘Demandado’ is a word which means ‘defendant’, ‘sued’. The word defendant describes a person that is accused or taken as guilty in any crime in the court of law. Defendant is a person that can plea or appeal for justice in court and is still not proven guilty.

Demandado in Spanish

How to translate demandado in Spanish?

demandado (masc.)(singular)- defendant, respondent, sued

demandada (fem.)(singular)- defendant, respondent, sued

demandados (masc.)(plural)- defendants, respondents

demandadas (fem.)(plural)- defendants, respondents

demandar – to sue, to demand

Other ways to say ‘demandado’:

acusado – respondent

encausado- respondent


Lily: Carlos, ¿sabías que Pedro fue demandado? | Carlos, did you know that Pedro was sued?

Carlos: Sí, lo sé | Yes, I know


El chico está demandado
Pedro ahora será demandado
El demandado es culpable


The boy is sued
Pedro will now be sued
The defendant is guilty

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