What is a convertidor?


The converter is everything that converts or serves to convert, be it a person, a religion, a device, device, program, or system.

How to say convertidor in English?

This word is translated as converterin English

What does ‘to convert’ mean?

to convert – convertir

The meaning of converting is to make an object become something different from what it was initially.

There are different ways to convert:

  • Economics: when talking about converting, it refers to buying or selling money, for example, pesos for Dollars or Euros.
  • Rhetoric: to convert or conversion is to repeat a phrase at the end of the verses or phrases. It is a resource to make something very clear or to emphasize it.
  • Computing: it refers to the transformation of the specific representation of some data into another representation. For example: convert from Megas to Gigabytes. Also, photos, audios and movies files, for example: convert from .doc to .pdf, .jpg to .png, .mp4 to .mp3
  • Religion: converting refers to the need for or unavoidable and indispensable requirement to abandon all current habits that are considered harmful or bad to transform into a new person.
  • Philosophical environment: converting is related to substituting an expression or idea for another of the same meaning.
  • Measurement systems: to express how much a certain unit of measurement represents on another scale. For instance: meters to centimeters, lbs to oz.
  • Electronics: signal converters are normally receivers that collect signal inputs and then transform them into output signals in a different form.

Here are some examples:
I need to convert this document from .pdf to .doc – Necesito convertir este documento de .pdf a .doc.
You have to become a better person – Tienes que convertirte en una mejor persona.
Pedro had to convert the money before leaving on a trip – Pedro tuvo que convertir el dinero antes de salir de viaje.

There are countless converters with different shapes and functions, it all depends on the type of transformation you want to carry out.

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