Aquaman in Spanish

aguaman in Spanish
aguaman in Spanish

How to say Aquaman in Spanish?. Aquaman is a fictional character, a superhero of an American comic by the same name. Aquaman is published by DC. DC is the top comics publishing company that is responsible for the creation of many superhero characters like Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and many more.

How to say Aquaman in Spanish?

The word Aquaman remains the same in both languages as it’s a name given to a character.

But now, let’s break the name down:

  • aqua is a word that relates to ‘water’ and the translation of ‘water’ is ‘agua’
  • man is translated as ‘hombre’

Now, this is when you combine both words: ‘aquaman’ can be translated as ‘el hombre del agua’ or ‘el hombre pez’


man – hombre

water – agua

fish – pez

Example: the sentence ‘Aquaman is a very cool superhero’ is translated as ‘El pez hombre es un superhéroe muy genial’.

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