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What does apena mean?

Apena is the word cut off from Apenas.


Apenas is translated in English as barely, hardly, just . this word is a negation adverb and is used in the following ways:

– Apenas means: almost no, with difficulty, scarcely, small and approximate amount, it is not noticeable or it does not happen. It is one of the negative phrases of the Spanish language.

For example:

We have barely been able to talk (almost not) – No hemos podido conversar apenas (casi no)

He is very young, he hardly knows how to read. (with difficulty) – Es muy chico, penas sabe leer. (con dificultad)

Only a few friends went to the activities (small and approximate amount) – Apenas algunos amigos fueron a la actividades (cantidad pequeña y aproximada)

You could hardly see the light from afar (not noticeable) -Apenas se veía la luz desde lejos (no se nota)

– Apenas is also used as an expression of quantity, or scarcity of time.

For example:

Just a day ago he came back from vacation. – Hace apenas un día que volvió de vacaciones.

– Apenas can also mean: immediately that, immediately that, as soon as, as soon as.

For example:

As soon as he finished cooking, he began to eat. (as soon as) -Apenas que terminó de cocinar, se puso a comer. (tan pronto como)

As soon as I sang, I won the contest. (As soon as) – Apenas que canté, gané el concurso.(tan pronto como)

Other Ways to say apenas in Spanish

sólo, justo, tan sólo, solamente, recién – just
escasamente, seguramente no – scarcely
escasamente, difícilmente – barely
difícilmente, mal, duramente – hardly
duramente, difícilmente, mal – hardily

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