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Almuerzos in Spanish

Almuerzos in Spanish

This article will tell you what ‘almuerzos’ means in Spanish. ‘Almuerzos’ is a word which means ‘lunches’. Lunch is a name of a mealtime. These meals are eaten in the middle of the day, mostly in the afternoon. People often prefer taking light meals as lunch.

Almuerzos in Spanish

How to translate almuerzos in Spanish?

almuerzos (masc.)(plural) – lunches

almuerzas (fem.)(plural) – you have lunch

almuerzo (masc.)(singular) – lunch

almuerza (fem.)(singular) – have lunch

almorzar – to lunch


Lily: Carlos, vamos a preparar un almuerzo | Carlos, we are going to prepare a lunch

Carlos: Perfecto | Perfect


Tus almuerzos son deliciosos
Nos invitaron a un almuerzo
Vamos juntos a almorzar


Your lunches are delicious
They invited us to lunch
We go to lunch together

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