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87 in Spanish

87 in Spanish

How to translate 87 in Spanish translation?. Let’s find out how to say 87 in the Spanish language. Study basic words and phrases – English to Spanish translation.

87 in Spanish

How to say 87 in Spanish translation?

87 – ochenta y siete (eighty seven)




Mi número es el ochenta y siete
Cuesta ochenta y siete mensuales
Su apartamento es el ochenta y siete
Tenemos ochenta y siete piezas
Costaron ochenta y siete dólares
Aquí hay ochenta y siete dólares
Me costó ochenta y siete dólares
Ella sólo tiene ochenta y siete dólares
Es el número ochenta y siete en la lista
Eso costó ochenta y siete dólares

My number is eighty seven
It costs eighty-seven a month
Her apartment is eighty seven
We have eighty seven pieces
They cost eighty-seven dollars
Here’s eighty-seven dollars
It cost me eighty seven dollars
She only has eighty seven dollars
It’s number eighty-seven on the list
That cost eighty seven dollars

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