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How to say 67 in Spanish?

67 in Spanish

How do you say 67 in Spanish?

67 in Spanish

How to translate 67 in Spanish?. 67 is a quantitative number also written as sixty-seven. It is a cardinal number. The ordinal number of sixty-seven (67) is sixty-seventh or 67th. It is written like LXVII in Roman numerals. It comes after sixty-six and before sixty-eight.

The translation for sixty-seven is ‘sesenta y siete’.


Hay sesenta y siete libros en el estante.
Ella tiene sesenta y siete años.
Tengo sesenta y siete primos.
Mi papi tiene sesenta y siete dólares.
Ella trabajó en sesenta y siete escuelas diferentes.
Mi hermana compró sesenta y siete libros.
Su número favorito es el sesenta y siete.
Tengo sesenta y siete caramelos.
Sólo tienes sesenta y siete letras.
Mi abuela me dió sesenta y siete dólares.
Mi hermano mayor cumple sesenta y siete.
Se fue a Canadá hace sesenta y siete semanas.
Carlos es sesenta y siete años mayor que yo.
Lucy tiene sesenta y siete huevos.
Cardi B lanzó sesenta y siete nuevas canciones.
Tienen sesenta y siete mascotas en el zoológico.
Mi hijo tiene sesenta y siete secciones de matemáticas.
Tiene sesenta y siete años.
Hay sesenta y siete animales en total.


There are sixty-seven books on the shelf.
She is sixty-seven years old.
I have sixty-seven cousins.
My daddy has sixty-seven dollars.
She worked in sixty-seven different schools.
My sister bought sixty-seven books.
Her favorite number is sixty-seven.
I have sixty-seven candies.
You only have sixty-seven letters.
My grandmother gave me sixty-seven dollars.
My older brother turns sixty-seven.
She left for Canada sixty-seven weeks ago.
Carlos is sixty-seven years older than me.
Lucy has sixty-seven eggs.
Cardi B released sixty-seven new songs.
They have sixty-seven pets at the zoo.
My son has sixty-seven math sections.
He is sixty-seven years old.
There are sixty-seven animals in all.

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