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2 P.M in Spanish

2 P.M in Spanish

How to say 2 P.M in Spanish?. 2 P.M shows the time of the day on the clock. It can also be written as 2 O’clock. It represents the specific time of the day.

2 P.M in Spanish

2 P.M comes in the afternoon. In the twenty-four-hour format of the clock 2 P.M is written as 14:00 or Fourteen o’clock. The clock strike 2 two time in a day, one at night which is written as 2 A.M and one in the afternoon written as 2 P.M.

How to say 2 P.M in Spanish?

2 P.M is written the same in both languages, but means ‘dos de la tarde’ and 2 o’clock it is translated as ‘dos en punto’.


‘What time is it?’ translates to ‘¿Qué hora es?’.

‘It’s 2 PM’ Son las dos de la tarde.

It’s 2 o’clock’ – ‘Son las dos en punto’.


2 PM – dos de la tarde

2 AM – dos de la mañana

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