WAP in Spanish

How to say WAP in Spanish?

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What is WAP in Spanish? The term WAP has two meanings.

1- The word WAP is the abbreviated form of Wireless Application Protocol. WAP describes the wireless connection that mobile phone or other devices use to connect to the internet. It helps us to connect to the internet wirelessly. 

WAP or Wireless Application Protocol? 

The phrase for Wireless Application Protocol is ‘Protocolo de Aplicaciones Inalámbricas’. 

Example: This sentence ‘The wireless application protocol or WAP helps us in many ways’ is translated as ‘El protocolo de aplicación inalámbrica nos ayuda de muchas maneras’.

2- Also WAP stands for “Wet-Ass Pussy.” ‘Coño mojado’ during a very popular song by the rapper Cardi B. 

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