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Sexting in Spanish

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What is sexting in Spanish? Sexting is a newly added to the English Language which is a combination of two word; sex+text. This word describes an action of performing sex while texting someone, having sex using text messages. This is a quite new experience as it only became possible after the invention of mobile phone and messages.

How do you say sexting in Spanish? 

sexting – sextear, sexteando



Nancy: Hola mi cielo, ¿cómo has estado hoy? | Hello my dear, how have you been today?

Carlos: Hola cariño, ¿te gustaría sextear? | Hi sweetie, would you like to sexting? 

Nancy: Sí, seguro  |  Yes, sure



Ella me está sexteando
Le gusta sextear
Vamos a sextear
A ella le gusta sextear con él
Nosotros siempre estamos sexteando
El empezó a sextearme
Le gusta sextear con su novia


She’s sexting me
He likes to sexting
Let’s sexting
She likes sexting with him
We are always sexting
He started sexting me
He likes sexting with his girlfriend


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