Wela in Spanish

What does Wela mean?

How to say wela in Spanish? Wela is a word that describes the term hot, burned, heat or temperature. The word wela is also used figuratively as lust, passion, or sexual desire. Wela may also refer to the fiery heat of taboo, an epithet applied to Ka-lā-kaua. 

So, how do you say wela in Spanish? 

The Spanish word for wela is ‘Wela’. The word remains the same in both languages, but is pronounced differently.

Other cases:

1- In some countries, the tall girl or boy is called wela.

2- You maybe are trying to say güera, instill of wela. In this case, güera is translated as ‘white girl’ in English.

3- Or you are trying to say ‘huela’ in Spanish, and in this case, ‘huela’ comes from the verb ‘oler’, translated as: ‘to smell’

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Gloria Prayer in Spanish

How to say Gloria Prayer in Spanish?

Future Perfect Progressive in Spani... x
Future Perfect Progressive in Spanish

How do you translate Gloria Prayer in Spanish? Gloria prayer is a short hymn to praise God. It is also known as ‘Gloria in excelsis Deo’ which is a Latin sentence meaning ‘Glory to God in the highest’. It is often mentioned as Greater Doxology is most places distinguished as Minor Doxology. 

The word is translated as ‘oración de gloria’.
The prayer goes like:
‘Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.’
And is translated as ‘Gloria al Padre, al Hijo y al Espíritu Santo. Como era al principio, es ahora y siempre será, mundo sin fin. Amén’.

81 in Spanish

 How do you say 81 in Spanish?

What is 81 in Spanish? 81 or eighty-one is a numerical quantity that is a countable number. It is a cardinal number. It is one more than eighty and one less than eighty-two. In Roman Numerals it is written as LXXXI. The ordinal number for eighty-one (81) is eighty-first or 81st. 

How do you translate eighty-one or 81?

The word for eighty-one is ‘ochenta y uno’

Example: The sentence ‘My grandfather and grandmother are eighty-one years old’ is translated in Spanish as ‘Mi abuelo y mi abuela tienen ochenta y un años’

Numbers in Spanish

WAP in Spanish

How to say WAP in Spanish?

What is WAP in Spanish? The term WAP has two meanings.

1- The word WAP is the abbreviated form of Wireless Application Protocol. WAP describes the wireless connection that mobile phone or other devices use to connect to the internet. It helps us to connect to the internet wirelessly. 

WAP or Wireless Application Protocol? 

The phrase for Wireless Application Protocol is ‘Protocolo de Aplicaciones Inalámbricas’. 

Example: This sentence ‘The wireless application protocol or WAP helps us in many ways’ is translated as ‘El protocolo de aplicación inalámbrica nos ayuda de muchas maneras’.

2- Also WAP stands for “Wet-Ass Pussy.” ‘Coño mojado’ during a very popular song by the rapper Cardi B. 

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Genes in Spanish

 How do you say Genes in Spanish?

What is genes in Spanish? The word gene is used in Biology to represent the basic unit of hereditary sequence. DNA and RNA is the main component present in the genes. The basic unit of life is a cell and inside the cell there is a nucleus which consists of small strands known as chromosomes. These genes are present in the chromosome and determine the physical traits of the organism. 

How to say Genes? 

The word genes is written the same in both languages, but is pronounced differently in both languages. 

Example: the sentence ‘The genes are present in nucleus’ is converted as ‘Los genes están presentes en el núcleo’.

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Bubba in Spanish

How do you say Bubba in Spanish?

Bubba in Spanish

What is Bubba in Spanish? Bubba is a word used informally by North Americans to call their brother. This word is used to represent an affectionate way of addressing the brother. This nickname is usually given to the oldest brother in the family. The word Bubba is also used as a Canadian trademark and cartoon name.

How to translate Bubba in Spanish? 

The word is written the same but is pronounced very differently. 

Sentences with the word Bubba in Spanish

La marca canadiense se llama Bubba.The Canadian brand is called Bubba.
A mi hijo le encantan Bubba y sus amigos.My son loves Bubba and his friends.
Compré una billetera Bubba.I bought a Bubba wallet.
Bubba es una marca que comercializa diferentes productos.Bubba is a brand that sells different products.
Me gusta la marca Bubba.I like the Bubba brand.
Esa cartera Bubba está muy grande.That Bubba bag is too big.
Trabajo en una fábrica de productos Bubba.I work at a Bubba factory.
Me gustan los animados del mono Bubba.I like Bubba the monkey cartoons.
Bubba y sus amigos me aburre.Bubba and his friends bore me.
A las 4:00 ponen Bubba y sus amigos.At 4:00 they play Bubba and his friends.
Hay diseños únicos que definen la marca Bubba.There are unique designs that define the Bubba brand.
En el año 2013 nació la marca Bubba.In 2013 the Bubba brand was born.
Bubba’s Roadhouse & Saloon es un restaurante americano.Bubba’s Roadhouse & Saloon is an American restaurant.
El restaurante de comida del sur de Estados Unidos, Bubba, es mi favorito.Bubba’s Southern food restaurant is my favorite.
Hace años no veo los muñes del Mono Bubba.I haven’t seen the Bubba Monkey dolls in years.
Quisiera comprar una jarra térmica en Bubba.I’d like to buy a thermal carafe at Bubba’s.
A mi mascota le puse Bubba.I named my pet Bubba.
La marca Bubba está presente en varias naciones.The Bubba brand is present in several nations.
Iré a las tiendas Bubba en la mañana.I’m going to Bubba stores in the morning.
No sé si puedo comprar artículos Bubba por internet.I don’t know if I can buy Bubba items online.
Me regalaron una mochila Bubba.I was given a Bubba backpack.
El bolso Bubba cuesta $22.The Bubba bag costs $22.
El Mono Bubba es muy divertido.Bubba the Monkey is so much fun.
Bubba y sus amigos dejaron muchas enseñanzas.Bubba and his friends left many teachings.
Le regalé a mi papá una billetera Bubba.I gave my dad a Bubba wallet.
El cumpleaños de mi hijo es con temática del Mono Bubba.My son’s birthday is Bubba the Monkey themed.
Mi hijo come viendo Bubba y sus amigos.My son eats watching Bubba and his friends.
Le regalé a mi madre una cartera Bubba.I gave my mother a Bubba bag.
Mi papá quiere visitar las tiendas de ropa Bubba.My dad wants to visit the Bubba clothing stores.
Yasser se parece al Mono Bubba.Yasser resembles Bubba the Monkey.

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Avery in Spanish

 How do you say Avery in Spanish?

Avery in Spanish

What is Avery in Spanish? The word Avery is a name given to females. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon name Alfred and also the antient German name Alberich. Avery means ‘Wise’ in French and ‘ruling with elf-wisdom’ in English. This name is mostly given to girls. 


How to translate Avery in Spanish? 

Avery – Avery

Avery is a name that is why it remains unchanged.

Sentences with the name Avery in Spanish

¿Quién es Avery?Who is Avery?
No conozco a Avery.I don’t know Avery.
Avery está esperándote.Avery is waiting for you.
Me llamo Avery.My name is Avery.
El jugador de baloncesto se llama Avery.The basketball player is named Avery.
¿Existe una corporación llamada Avery?Is there a corporation called Avery?
Soy fan del actor Avery.I am a fan of the actor Avery.
No sabía que tu entrenador se llamaba Avery.I didn’t know your trainer’s name was Avery.
¿Conoces a Avery?Do you know Avery?
Avery vino a verte.Avery came to see you.
¿Quién es Avery?Who is Avery?
Muchas personalidades se llaman Avery.Many personalities are named Avery.
¿Te agrada Avery?Do you like Avery?
No me cae bien Avery.I don’t like Avery.
¿Avery no es muy reconocido?Avery is not well known?
Iré a ver a Avery.I’m going to see Avery.
Avery llamó anoche.Avery called last night.
Avery está esperando por ti.Avery is waiting for you.
Voy a ver un partido con Avery.I’m going to watch a game with Avery.
Entrené con Avery durante un tiempo.I trained with Avery for a while.
Tengo todos los filmes en los que aparece Avery.I have all the films that Avery appears in.
Cuando tenga un hijo le pondré Avery.When I have a son I’ll name him Avery.
¿Te gusta el nombre de Avery?Do you like the name Avery?
No conocía a Avery en persona.I didn’t know Avery in person.
Muchas personalidades se llaman Avery.Many personalities are named Avery.
¿Es bueno Avery actuando?Is Avery good at acting?
Vi el partido de Avery en vivo.I saw Avery’s game live.
¿Avery, el entrenador, se jubiló?Did Avery, the coach, retire?
Mi segundo nombre es Avery.My middle name is Avery.
¿Avery es muy reconocido?Is Avery well known?

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Alzheimer’s in Spanish

 How do you say Alzheimer’s in Spanish?

How to translate Alzheimer’s in Spanish? Alzheimer’s is a mental disorder or disease that usually occurs in old age. Alzheimer’s is considered the most common type of dementia. In this type of disease, the most common symptom is memory loss or difficulty in speech. Alzheimer’s effect the specific part of brain that controls memory and language. 

The translation for Alzheimer’s is Alzheimer, as it is a name of the scientist who discovered and identified this disease, so the word remains the same in both the languages. 

Alzheimer’s is a ‘chronic and progressive senile dementia’ translated as ” ‘demencia senil progresiva y crónica’

Example: The sentence ‘My father has Alzheimer’s’ is translated as ‘Mi padre tiene Alzheimer’.

Other health problems in Spanish

Boujee in Spanish

How do you say Boujee in Spanish? 

Boujee in Spanish

How to translate Boujee in Spanish? Boujee is a word which commonly refers to middle-class or upwardly mobile black people. It defines a class of people or person that indulges in luxurious lifestyle. 

The Spanish word for boujee is ‘boujee’. The word remains the same in Spanish and English, but the pronunciation is very different in both languages. 

Boujee in Spanish translation is synonymous with burguesa or burgués.

boujee = bourgeois – burgués (masc.), burguesa (fem.)

Sentences with the word boujee in Spanish

Ella se creo burguesa.She thought she was boujee.
El chico es un burgués.The boy is a boujee..
Mi hermana actúa como burguesa.My sister acts like a boujee..
¿Ellos son burgueses?Are they boujee?
¿Se creen ellos burgueses?Do they think they are boujee?
¿Por qué piensans como burgués?Why do you think like a boujee?
Yo no soy burgués.I am not boujee.
No me gustan las personas burguesas.I don’t like bourgeois people.
Esa chica es una burguesa.That girl is a boujee.
La prima de Marta se cree burguesa.Marta’s cousin thinks she’s a bourgeois.
Tus facciones son de burgués.Your features are bourgeois.
Hablas como una burguesa.You talk like a boujee.
Esas señoras son burguesas.Those ladies are bourgeois.
Me gustaría ser burguesa.I would like to be boujee.
El burgués de Pedro no sabe nada.Pedro’s bourgeois knows nothing.
Mi padre era un burgués.My father was a bourgeois.
¿Quisieras ser un burgués?Would you like to be a boujee?
¿Cuál es el sinónimo de burgués?What is the synonym of bourgeois?
Mi familia es burguesa.My family is bourgeois.
Yo quiero hablar con la burguesa.I want to talk to the boujee.
Conocía ayer a una burguesa.She knew a boujee yesterday.
Actúas como burgués.You act like a boujee.
Piensas como burguesa.You think like a boujee.
La burguesa de mi vecina, piensa que es mejor que nadie.My neighbor’s bourgeois, she thinks she’s better than anyone.
Tu burguesía me agobia.Your bourgeoisie overwhelms me.
¿Piensa ella que es una burguesa?Does she think she is a boujee?
Ambos son burgueses.They are both bourgeois.
Ustedes son burgueses.You are boujee.
Háblame de los burgueses.Tell me about the boujee.

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69 in Spanish

 How do you say 69 in Spanish?

69 in Spanish

How to translate 69 in Spanish? 69 or sixty-nine is a number that represents a specific position in performing sex that includes oral sex. It describes a position where two partners get involved in oral sex on each other at the same time. 

What is sixty-nine in Spanish? 

69 – sesenta y nueve

Sentences with the number 69 in Spanish

Mi abuela tiene sesenta y nueve años.My grandmother is sixty-nine years old.
Ellos hicieron el sesenta y nueve.They did sixty-nine.
En el Kama Sutra describen la posición del sesenta y nueve.In the Kama Sutra they describe the position of sixty-nine.
¿Cuál es la posición del sesenta y nueve?What is the position of sixty-nine?
¿Has hecho el sesenta y nueve?Have you done sixty-nine?
Me encanta hacer el sesenta y nueve.I love doing sixty-nine.
¿Ya cumpliste sesenta y nueve años?Have you already turned sixty-nine?
El pantalón me costó sesenta y nueve pesos.The pants cost me sixty-nine pesos.
Estoy haciendo el sesenta y nueve.I’m doing sixty-nine.
Yo nací en el año sesenta y nueve.I was born in the year sixty-nine.
Sesenta y nueve escalones tiene tu edificio.Sixty-nine steps has your building.
Aprobó el examen con sesenta y nueve puntos.He passed the exam with sixty-nine points.
Él vive en la calle sesenta y nueve.He lives on sixty-ninth street.
Mis abuelos cumplieron sesenta y nueve años de casados.My grandparents celebrated sixty-nine years of marriage.
El dólar se cotizó en sesenta y nueve pesos.The dollar was quoted at sixty-nine pesos.
Hoy tuve que correr sesenta y nueve metros para alcanzarte.Today I had to run sixty-nine meters to catch up with you.
Me regalaron sesenta y nueve puerquitos.They gave me sixty-nine little pigs.
Al cumpleaños vendrán sesenta y nueve personas.Sixty-nine people will come to the birthday.
Sesenta y nueve turnos dan en el bufete.Sixty-nine shifts give at the firm.
La cola de langosta pesó sesenta y nueve libras.The lobster tail weighed sixty-nine pounds.
¿Qué significa el sesenta y nueve?What does sixty-nine mean?
Se ganó el número sesenta y nueve.Number sixty-nine was won.
Sesenta y nueve puntos le dieron en el brazo.Sixty-nine stitches hit him in the arm.
La ruta sesenta y nueve va para playa.Route sixty-nine goes to the beach.
Te esperan en la habitación sesenta y nueve.They’re waiting for you in room sixty-nine.
¿Quisieras practicar el sesenta y nueve?Would you like to practice sixty-nine?
Se hizo famoso a los sesenta y nueve años.He became famous at the age of sixty-nine.
Me gané la lotería a los sesenta y nueve años.I won the lottery at sixty-nine years old.
Sesenta y nueve es el costo del pasaje a Holguín.Sixty-nine is the cost of the ticket to Holguín.
Repite sesenta y nueve veces que me amas.Repeat sixty-nine times that you love me.
Me gusta realizar el sesenta y nueve.I like to perform the sixty-nine.
Mi número favorito es el sesenta y nueve.My favorite number is sixty-nine.

Numbers in Spanish