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Opposite of Gordo in Spanish

opposite of gordo in Spanish
Adjectives in Spanish

What is the opposite of gordo in Spanish? The word is from the Spanish language which means fat. Fat is a bodily state where a person has gained more body weight than optimal for being healthy. The word fat is also described as the energy stored in the body, when the energy is not utilized it is converted into fat.

Spanish Vocabulary:

gordo  – fat (masculine)

gorda – fat (feminine)

delgado – thin, slim (masculine)

delgada – thin, slim (feminine)

flaco – skinny (masculine)

flaca – skinny (feminine)

engordar, cevar – fatten

What is the opposite of Gordo in Spanish?

The opposite of fat is ‘thin: delgado, flaco‘.


Ella es gorda
Marco está gordo
Tú eres más gorda que yo
En la familia todos somos gordos
Mi mamá es gorda y bella
Estás muy gorda
Carlos está muy gordo
Yo estaba más gorda
Si sigues comiendo, vas a estar más gordo
Vas a engordar mucho
Antes estaba muy gordo, pero ahora estoy delgado


She’s fat
Marco is fat
You are fatter than me
In the family we are all fat
My mom is fat and beautiful
You are so fat
Carlos is very fat
I was fatter
If you keep eating, you will be fatter
You are going to gain a lot
Before I was very fat, but now I am thin

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