Opposite of Alto in Spanish

Opposite of Alto in Spanish

Opposite of Alto in Spanish

What is the opposite of alto in Spanish? This Spanish word which means high. The word alto is usually used to represent musical notes. The opposite of word alto is bajo. Both of these words describe various notes in music; like high note or low note. 


This sentence ‘Pedro is an expert in low notes’ is translated in Spanish as ‘Pedro es un experto en notas bajas’.

These words are also used to describe a person or things.


‘The palms are high’  is translated as ‘Las palmas son altas’.

She is tall – Ella es alta.


alto – high, tall (masculine) (adjective)

alta – high, tall (feminine)(adjective)

alto – loud (adverb)

bajo – low (masculine) (adjective)

baja – low (feminine) (adjective)

bajo in Spanish also means bass.

Sentences with the opposite of alto in Spanish

La chica es alta.The girl is tall.
Ella es más alta que él.She is taller than him.
Yo soy alta.I’m tall.
Mi hermano es muy alto.My brother is very tall.
Mi papá es alto.My dad is tall.
Todos somos altos.We are all tall.
Ellos son altos.They are tall.
Carlos es más alto que tú.Carlos is taller than you.
El árbol es alto.The tree is tall.
El edificio es muy alto.The building is very tall.
La torre es alta.The tower is tall.
La canción está altathe song is high

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