Kale in Spanish

How to say kale in Spanish?

Kale in Spanish

How to translate kale in Spanish?. Kale is an English word which is green leafy edible plant of the Cabbage family. It is used as a vegetable. It is mostly eaten raw or steamed. Kale is one of the most nutrient packed super vegetable. It has dark green leaves and is cultivated close to the ground. 

The translation for kale is ‘col rizada’. It is a super nutritious vegetable that is rich in vitamins and Folic Acid. Kale is often considered healthier option than Spinach. 

Sentences with the word kale in Spanish

No me gusta la col rizada.I don’t like kale.
Hoy comeremos col rizada.Today we will eat kale.
Mi hijo es fanático a comer col rizada.My son is a fan of eating kale.
Nunca he comido col rizada.I have never eaten kale.
¿Quieres col rizada?Do you want kale?
La col rizada te quedó malísima.The kale was terrible for you.
Si quieres te sirvo col rizada.If you want, I’ll serve you kale.
No quiero comer col rizada.I don’t want to eat kale.
¿De nuevo hiciste col rizada?Did you make kale again?
Capa cada plato con una cama de col rizada.Top each plate with a bed of kale.
Agrégale col rizada al plato.Add kale to the dish.
Combine la col rizada con la lechuga.Combine kale with lettuce.
Hay muchas recetas que puedes hacer usando col rizada.There are many recipes that you can make using kale.
Cocina hasta que la col rizada esté tierna.Cook until kale is tender.
No quiero dejarte sola preparando tu col rizada.I don’t want to leave you alone making your kale.
Sirva el platillo acompañado de col rizada.Serve the dish accompanied by kale.
No cocines más la col rizada o se te va a pasar.Don’t overcook the kale or it will overcook.
No quiero probar la col rizada.I don’t want to taste kale.
Quedó riquísima la col rizada con queso parmesano.The kale with Parmesan cheese was delicious.
Quiero añadir algo verde, espinacas o col rizada.I want to add something green, spinach or kale.
Agregue la col rizada, un poco a la vez.Add the kale, a little at a time.
¿Otra vez usando col rizada en una receta que no la lleva?Using kale again in a recipe that doesn’t call for it?
Cocine la col rizada hasta que se marchite.Cook kale until wilted.
Agregue la col rizada y cocine durante 5 minutos.Add the kale and cook for 5 minutes.
Coloque la col rizada en un tazón grande.Place kale in a large bowl.
También puedes usar col rizada o acelga.You can also use kale or Swiss chard.
Lave y limpie la col rizada.Wash and clean kale.
Necesito que compres col rizada.I need you to buy kale.
Mi dieta es a veces de vegetales y el que más me gusta es la col rizada.My diet is sometimes vegetables and the one I like the most is kale.
Siempre pico en trozos la col rizada.I always chop kale.

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