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Baka in Spanish

baka in Spanish

What is Baka in Spanish?

Baka is a group of people with specific characteristics: The Baka are people who are characterized by being hunter-gatherers and having an average height of 5 feet, formerly called pygmies, they are located in the tropical jungle of Central Africa. They are generally discriminated against by society and are members of a nomadic pygmy.

Baka in the Japanese language: ‘Baka’ is also used in the Japanese language, which means idiot, dumb or stupid person.

How do you say Baka in Spanish? 

Baka remains the same if you use it to talk about the members of a nomadic pygmy, but when you translate this word from Japanese it means: stupid, crazy or insane.


baka – member of a nomadic Pygmy – baka

baka – (crazy, stupid) – loco, estúpido (masc.)

baka – (crazy, stupid) – loca, estúpida (fem.)

Sentences with ‘Baka’ ethnic group:


El chico es un miembro de baka
Los bakas tienen un tamaño promedio
Los bakas son discriminados por la sociedad
En el grupo baka siempre están juntos
Los bakas son cazadores recolectores
Los bakas son un grupo de personas con características específicas


The boy is a member of baka
Bakas are average in size
The bakas are discriminated against by society
In the baka group they are always together
The bakas are hunter gatherers
The bakas are a group of people with specific characteristics.

Sentences with ‘Baka’ like stupid, dumb or crazy:


Ese chico es un ‘baka'(estúpido)
Ella es ‘baka’ (loca)
Ellos son ‘bakas’ (estúpidos)
Los que hicieron esto son unos ‘bakas’ (estúpidos)
¿Por qué lo hiciste, eres ‘baka’ o qué? (loco)
Yo no soy ‘baka’ (estúpido)


That boy is a ‘baka’ (stupid)
She is ‘baka’ (crazy)
They are ‘bakas’ (stupid)
Those who did this are ‘bakas’ (stupid)
Why did you do it, are you ‘baka’ or what? (mad)
I am not ‘baka’ (stupid)

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