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497 in Spanish

numbers in Spanish

What is 497?

How to say 497 in Spanish? 497 is a quantitative number also written as four hundred and ninety-seven. It is a cardinal number. The ordinal number of 497 is four hundred and ninety-seventh or 497th. It is written like CDXCVII in roman numerals. It comes after four hundred and ninety-six and before four hundred and ninety-eight. 

So, how do you say 497 in Spanish?

The Spanish word for four hundred and ninety-seven is ‘cuatrocientos noventa y siete’.

Example: the sentence ‘There are four hundred and ninety-seven students in the elementary school’ is translated in Spanish as ‘Hay cuatrocientos noventa y siete estudiantes en la escuela primaria’.

Numbers in Spanish

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