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Tree in Spanish

How to say tree in Spanish?

How to translate tree in Spanish?. “Los árboles” provide oxygen, absorb bad odors and pollutants, are a source of food (learn food in Spanish) for humans, animals, and other living organisms, collaborate in cooling summers, protect us from the sun and therefore from the diseases that it causes, filter and they reduce the speed of the wind, they are a source of economic resources, they allow the obtaining of fundamental raw materials such as wood and paper.

tree in spanish

Árbol (Tree)

Spanish Vocabulary:

the trees – los árboles

tree – árbol

animals – animales

humans – humanos

wood – madera

paper – papel

raw materials – materias primas

source of food – fuente de alimento

nutrition – nutrición


“Los árboles” are a great source of oxygen and nutrition for the soil

They emphatically play a key role in protecting the environment through the process of photosynthesis that provides much of the oxygen that living beings need to live, and at the same time, their ability to eliminate carbon dioxide, lethal to keep increasing the heat of the atmosphere.


soil – suelo

living beings – seres vivos

carbon dioxide – dióxido de carbono

heat – calor

shelter – refugio

climbers – trepadoras

peace – paz

nature – naturaleza


They are the protector’s par excellence of another substantial part of our planet such as the soil surface, because their branches and leaves, naturally prepared for it, reduce the impact of erosion caused by rainfall, and also allow rainwater to penetrate deeply into it nurturing it.

Concerning food, there are a large number of herbivorous species that take advantage of their lush branches to feed properly, including many of them that are climbers use them as a natural habitat, in addition to birds and other animals that can use “los árboles” as a home and shelter, by assembling the nests that are precisely built based on branches and leaves.

Transmitters of peace and nature

And as if it were not enough with all this activity that they deploy incessantly throughout their lives, they are credited with being able to reduce people’s levels of violence, lower stress levels, and cure some behavioral diseases and psychic due to their direct association with nature and the peace of the fields where they proliferate.


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