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Open in Spanish

Open in Spanish | Abrir

How to say open in Spanish?. Let’s find out how to translate this popular word.

1. Discover or reveal what is closed or hidden. 


Open a box – Abre una caja

Open the book – Abre el libro


2. Separate the leaf or leaves of a door or window from the frame, making them rotate on their hinges, or remove or separate anything else with which an opening is closed so that it is no longer closed.


Open the door


Open your eyes – Abre tus ojos

Can you open the door, please? – ¿Puedes abrir la puerta, por favor?

Open the windows – Abre las ventanas

In the blink of an eye you arrived  – En un abrir y cerrar de ojos llegaste



to open – abrir

door – puerta

window – ventana

box – caja

to close – cerrar


3. Remove the latch or bolt, discard the key, lift the latch or disengage any other part or similar instrument with which something is closed.


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