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How do you say yes in Spanish

Today in this article you are going to see how do you say yes in Spanish or Español. Yes, is a word from the English language shows the approval and agreement of the speaker. This word simply means to agree to something or agree to any question asked. The word yes is the most common and shortest when answering to any question affirmatively. This word is often used as an answer to many questions.

How do you say Yes in Spanish?

The Spanish term for the word yes is ‘si’ and is pronounced as ‘see’ from the English language.

The antonym or opposite word of yes is ‘no’. How do you say no in Spanish? The Español translation of the word no is ‘no’. This word remains the same in both the languages. There are many words in Español that is the same as the English language.

When we learn a new language, it becomes easier for us to communicate with people from other countries. Learning a new language can also come in handy when visiting a new place or country. It gets easier to mingle with the natives of that place.


She said yes when he proposed to her is translated as ‘Ella dijo que sí cuando él le propuso matrimonio’.

’Mario said yes to the job he was offered’ is translated in Español ‘Mario dijo que sí al trabajo que se le ofreció’.

More Ways to Say YES.

Let’s find out about other ways to say yes.

Sí – Yes
Vale – OK
Bueno – OK, good
Claro – Sure
Cierto – True

Exacto – Exactly
Perfecto – Perfect
Esta bien – It’s fine
De acuerdo – Alright, agree
Claro que si – Certainly
Por supuesto – Of course
También – Too
No lo dudes – Do not hesitate

Sin duda – Without a doubt
Dale – Hit it/ Let’s go
Efectivamente – Effectively
Trato hecho/Dalo por hecho – Done deal


Now after reading this article, you must have a fair concept of using si in Español and also the knowledge of the opposite word of the word yes and its translation.

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