How do you Say Ice Cream in Spanish

How to Say Ice Cream in Spanish?

How do you Say Ice Cream in Spanish

How to translate the Spanish ice cream word?. The ice cream is a solidified dairy produced by freezing a pasteurized mix by shaking to incorporate air to ensure uniform consistency. Today its consumption has crossed the summer limits and, consequently, ice cream is taken at any time of the year. “El helado” has different flavors, it comes to occupy the first place among desserts. In general, the products used in its preparation are milk, sugar, sweeteners, milk cream, eggs, fruits, chocolate, nuts, yogurt, mineral water, and stabilizers.


ice cream in spanish language

Helado (Ice Cream)

ice cream – helado

sugar – azúcar

eggs – huevos

fruits – frutas

chocolate – chocolate 

nuts – frutos secos

yogurt – yogúr

water – agua

milk – leche

stabilizers – estabilizantes

fruit juices – jugos de frutas

drink – bebida 


Ashanti: Cariño, vamos a comprar helado en la heladería | Baby let’s go buy ice cream at the ice cream shop Oracio: Está bien, vamos | Ok, let’s go

Sentences with the word ice cream in Spanish:

Fuimos juntos por un helado.We went together for ice cream.
Amo el helado de chocolate.I love chocolate ice cream.
Si no fuera una persona quisiera ser un helado.If I weren’t a person I would want to be an ice cream.
Él me sonrió y me derretí como helado al sol.He smiled at me and I melted like ice cream in the sun.
Tome helado como si no hubiera un mañana.Eat ice cream like there’s no tomorrow.
Le compré un helado a Penélope.I bought Penelope an ice cream.
Lucía me llevó a comprar helado.Lucia took me to buy ice cream.
No soy un helado, soy un descendiente del mono.I am not an ice cream, I am a descendant of the monkey.
¿Te gustaría ir por un helado esta tarde?Would you like to go for ice cream this afternoon?
Si, mi camiseta tiene mancha de helado.Yes, my shirt has an ice cream stain.
Hay que salir en la tarde a tomar helado.You have to go out in the afternoon to get ice cream.
Chocolate, fresa, avellana y maní son mis sabores de helado preferido.Chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut and peanut are my favorite ice cream flavors.
Quería llevarle un helado a mi mamá pero se va a derretir.I wanted to take my mom an ice cream but she is going to melt.
¡Qué rico este helado!How delicious is this ice cream!
En esa cafetería no venden helado.They don’t sell ice cream in that cafeteria.
Juan me invitó a un helado hoy.Juan bought me an ice cream today.
¡Qué feliz me hace una bola de helado!How happy a scoop of ice cream makes me!
Sin helado no vivo.I can’t live without ice cream.
Hay una pequeña parte de mi corazón que late por la fuerza de un helado.There is a small part of my heart that beats from the force of ice cream.
Y podría morir por tomarme un helado.And I could die from having ice cream.
Mi sonrisa se dibujó en mi rostro cuando vi ese delicioso helado de chocolate con fresas.My smile was drawn on my face when I saw that delicious chocolate ice cream with strawberries.
Podemos salir sólo si compramos helado.We can go out only if we buy ice cream.
Sonríe que la vida es un helado.Smile that life is an ice cream.
Su vestido parece un helado.Her dress looks like ice cream.
El helado es una obra de arte.Ice cream is a work of art.
Si fueras un helado te comería completo.If you were an ice cream I would eat you whole.
El mejor helado del mundo lo probé en Canadá.The best ice cream in the world I tried in Canada.
El helado de yogurt es divino.The frozen yogurt is divine.
Vivir sin helado no es vida.Living without ice cream is not life.
Si me preguntaran que me gustaría tomar, dijera que helado.If they asked me what I would like to drink, I would say ice cream.
Me encanta el helado.I love ice cream.
Prefiero el helado de chocolate.I prefer chocolate ice cream.
A mi hija le gusta mucho el helado.My daughter likes ice cream very much.
El helado costó tres dólares.The ice cream cost three dollars.
En la casa tenemos helado.At home we have ice cream.
Después de cenar comimos helado.After dinner we ate ice cream.
Quiero un helado de fresa con vainilla.I want a strawberry vanilla ice cream.
Yo quiero un helado de fresa.I want a strawberry ice cream.
El helado de chocolate estaba delicioso.The chocolate ice cream was delicious.

¿En serio hay personas que no les gusta el helado?Are there really people who don’t like ice cream?
¿Quisieras ir algún día a tomar helado conmigo?Would you like to go out for ice cream with me one day?
¡A mi me encanta el helado!I love ice cream!
Especialmente me encanta el helado Nestle.I especially love the Nestle ice cream.
¿Cuál sabor de helado será su favorito?Which flavor of ice cream will be your favorite?
Su helado favorito es el casero.His favorite ice cream is homemade.
¡Le fascina el helado de chocolate!He loves chocolate ice cream!
No me gustaría tomar helado de frutas.I wouldn’t like to have fruit ice cream.
¿Sabes hacer helado en casa?Do you know how to make ice cream at home?
¡La receta de helado es fácil!Ice cream recipe is easy!
No creo que hacer helado sea tan fácil.I don’t think making ice cream is that easy.
Algún día podré hacer mi propio helado.One day I will be able to make my own ice cream.
¡No te recomiendo que vengas a Santiago a tomar helado!I do not recommend that you come to Santiago to have ice cream!
Aceptaría una invitación suya para tomar helado.I would accept an invitation from you for ice cream.
¿Aceptaría usted una invitación mía para tomar helado?Would you accept an invitation from me for ice cream?
La fábrica de helado está rota.The ice cream factory is broken.
La fábrica de helado ha sido reparada.The ice cream factory has been repaired.
Haré un helado especial esta tarde.I’ll make a special ice cream this afternoon.
¿Aprendiste a elaborar helado de mango?Did you learn how to make mango ice cream?
¡Mi combinación favorita de helado es la Gran Piedra!My favorite ice cream combination is the Big Stone!
¿Cuál es tu combinación favorita de helado?What is your favorite ice cream combination?
El sabor de helado favorito mío es el fresa bombón.My favorite ice cream flavor is Strawberry Bonbon.
¿Te apetece el helado de avellanas?Do you fancy hazelnut ice cream?
Sólo de pensar en helado y ya me quiero tomar uno.Just thinking about ice cream and I already want to have one.
Buscaré helado para compartir con mis hijos.I will look for ice cream to share with my children.
A mi familia le encanta el helado.My family loves ice cream.
No me gusta tomar helado sólo.I don’t like ice cream alone.
Compartir el helado con amigos es una buena experiencia.Sharing ice cream with friends is a good experience.
Si le hechas flan al helado obtienes una obra maestra.If you make flan ice cream you get a masterpiece.
¡Sírvame una buena copa de leche de vaca con helado de fresa chip!Pour me a nice glass of cow’s milk with strawberry chip ice cream!

What is the origin of ice-cream?

The origin of “helado” is ancient, the Chinese, many centuries before Jesus Christ, mixed the snow from the mountains with honey and fruits, and the caliphs of Baghdad mixed it with fruit juices. The latter gave it the name of sharbets, which means drink, from which comes the word sorbet used today. It was Marco Polo, or so it is believed, who introduced in Europe the formulas learned in his travels for the preparation of “helado”, and for a long time, due to the few means available for their preparation, they were only delicacies of kings. These first water ice creams were followed by milk ice creams, which began to become popular when in 1660 the Italian Procopio invented the machine that homogenized fruits, sugar, and ice, thus obtaining a true “helado”. Since that time and until today there have been many discoveries that have favored the development and improvement of this product and that have led to industrial “helado”, whose production has been possible because to inventions such as that of the American Nancy Johnson, who in 1846 created the first automatic “helado” maker.   Read more about the food in Spanish    

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