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Chess Pieces in Spanish

How to say Chess Pieces in Spanish?

How to translate chess pieces in Spanish?. “El Ajedrez” is a game of ingenuity, for two players, in which chance does not intervene at all and that requires a significant intellectual effort. Each player has sixteen pieces. One player plays with the white pieces and another with the black ones. Each group of pieces consists of a king, a queen, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, and eight pawns.

It is played on a board divided into 64 squares of alternating colors (usually black and white). The board is placed in front of the players in such a way that the corner square to the right of each of them is white.

The objective of this game is to capture the king of the opposing player. The capture is never completed, but once the king is attacked and cannot escape that capture, it is said to be a checkmate and the game is over.

What are the chess pieces in Spanish?


El Rey – The king:

“El Rey” is the most important piece in the game of chess. The king can move in any direction, including diagonally but only one square. He must not be captured and if he is in danger he must be brought to safety immediately. If it is not possible to keep the king safe then we can give up the game.

La Reina (Dama) – The Queen:

” La Reina” or “La Dama” is the most powerful piece on the player board. This is because she can control more squares than any other piece. She moves forward or backward and diagonally without limitation of squares. However, she cannot jump any other pieces.


La Torre – The Rook:

“La Torre” moves in a rectilinear direction towards all the squares of the line and of the column to which it corresponds, and cannot jump other pieces


El Alfil – The Bishop:

“El Alfil” has its line of action on the diagonal, always by its color, and it moves in this sense through those that cross the squares it occupies. It cannot jump any pieces and it always moves by squares of the same color.


El Caballo – The Knight (Horse):

“El Caballo” is the most eccentric piece (it is the only piece that can jump among the others). He leaps in an arc above the squares surrounding his position and moves into one of the immediate squares. His arrival square is always a different color from the square he occupies.


El Peón – The Pawn:

“El Peón” moves straight ahead, advancing one step at a time except when leaving his starting square, making his first move of the game, in which case he can advance two squares. Furthermore, the pawn has a diagonal movement; but it is only allowed to eat or capture the pieces or pawns of the immediate squares.

At the beginning of the game, the pieces are arranged in the following order: the white queen is placed on the central white square on the first row of the board, and the black queen on the central black square on the opposite side. Next to the queen is the king and to the right of this the bishop, the knight, and the rook.


The player with the white pieces must make the first move. Then each player has a single turn to move. A player only has to make one move each turn. In other words, you cannot skip the turn to move.



Spanish Vocabulary:

King – Rey

Rook – Torre

Pawn – Peón

Knight – Caballo

Queen – Dama (Reina)

Bishop – Alfil

chess pieces – piezas de ajedrez 

to play – jugar

the game – el juego

the player – el jugador

the winner – el ganador

the loser – el perdedor


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Mi hermano situó las piezas de ajedrez en el tablero – My brother placed the chess pieces on the board.

Vamos a jugar ajedrez – Let’s play chess

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