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Boy in Spanish

 Boy in Spanish | Chico, Muchacho

How to say chico in Spanish?. “Chico” is a person, without specifying the age, when it is not very advanced. For example a child, especially in childhood or youth.

“Chico” also means “muchacho”. “Muchacho” is a young person.



The boy is tall – El muchacho | chico es alto

The boys are very intelligent –  Los muchachos | chicos son muy inteligentes

The girl is great – La muchacha |  chica es estupenda

The girls go for a walk – Las muchachas | chicas van a caminar


What does chico mean in Spanish?

Spanish vocabulary:

boy (masculine) (singular) – chico, muchacho

girl (feminine) (singular) – chica, muchacha

boys (masculine) (plural) – chicos, muchachos

girls (feminine) (plural) – chicas, muchachas


Tip “Chico” also can be something small or smaller than others of its kind or type.


A very small dog. – Un perro muy chico

The clothes fit him small – La ropa le queda chica

A small cat – Un gato chico


Tip In this case you can also use “pequeño” to describe things.

Small = chico, pequeño



The boy is small – El chico es pequeño

A small car – Un carro pequeño



Spanish Vocabulary for small:

(masculine) (singular) – pequeño, chico

(feminine) (singular) – pequeña, chica

(masculine) (plural) – pequeños, chicos

(feminine) (plural) – pequeñas, chicas


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