How to say goat in Spanish?

Goat in Spanish = Cabra, Chivo

How to translate goat in Spanish?. The goat is a domestic ruminant mammal, about a meter in height, light, firm, with short, rough, and often reddish hair, hollow and arched horns, large, angled, knotty, and turned back, with long hairs hanging from the jaw bottom with a very short tail. Likes to jump and climb and is generally found in mountainous areas

goat in Spanish

What is a goat in Spanish?

The female of this species is called “la cabra”, and it is somewhat smaller than the male and sometimes without horns. Cabra (Capra aegagrus hircus) is also called “chiva”.

The goat has a role of great importance especially in the food industry for its meat and milk frequently used in the production of cheese, meat, skin, and hair. Some breeds are bred especially dedicated to the production of fiber (hair) such as the Angora, originally from Turkey

The male of the goat is called a cabrón, cabro, chivato o macho cabrío and the young goat “chivo joven”, cabrito o chivo.


goat (female) = chiva or cabra

goat (male) = cabrón, cabro, chivato or macho cabrío

goat (baby) = cabrito or chivo


goat in Spanish language

Its distribution is wide and is found throughout the world, mainly in mountainous areas. There are wild goats, but most of them were domesticated by man.

Sentences with the word goat in Spanish

Estás como una cabra.You’re like a goat.
Ayer tomé leche de cabra.Yesterday I drank goat’s milk.
Comparé queso de leche de cabra.I compared goat milk cheese.
Se murió la cabra.The goat died.
Mi cabra está loca.My goat is crazy.
La cabra se enfermó.The goat got sick.
¿Qué edad tiene tu cabra?How old is your goat?
¿Solo tienes esa cabra?Do you only have that goat?
¡Qué cabra más linda!What a cute goat!
Esa cabra está muy flaca.That goat is very skinny.
No es gorda la cabra.The goat is not fat.
Yo quiero tener una cabra.I want to have a goat.
La cabra está de parto.The goat is in labor.
Está embarazada la cabra.The goat is pregnant.
Es muy vieja la cabra.The goat is very old.
La cabra no está dando leche.The goat is not giving milk.
Amarraré a la cabra.I will tie the goat.
Pareces una cabra.You look like a goat.
Mi cabra se perdió.My goat is lost.
La cabra está comiendo.The goat is eating.
¡Nunca antes había visto una cabra!I’ve never seen a goat before!
¡Qué cabra más grande!What a big goat!
Véndeme tu cabra.Sell me your goat.
¿Cuánto vale la leche de cabra?How much is goat milk worth?
Mis hijos solo comen queso de leche de cabra.My kids only eat goat’s milk cheese.
Quiero comprar 25 litros de leche de cabra.I want to buy 25 liters of goat’s milk.
El quiosquero quiere venderme queso de leche de cabra.The kiosk wants to sell me goat’s milk cheese.
Que leche es mejor, ¿la de vaca o la de cabra?Which milk is better, cow’s milk or goat’s milk?
En el pueblo la gente mira feo a mi cabra.In the village people look ugly at my goat.
Buscaré un modo de que la cabra se recupere.I’ll find a way for the goat to recover.


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