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How to say bitch in Spanish?

Bitch in Spanish

How to translate bitch in Spanish?:

1- Puta (Bitch): It is the woman who gives her body to satisfy the sexual desires of another person, in exchange for money; that is, a prostitute, she is dedicated to prostitution. Puta is a public woman.


She is a bitch = Ella es una puta *This is not a good expression*

Tip: Public woman = Mujer pública


2- Puta (Bitch): It is also the expression with which the meaning of another or expression of astonishment is intensified or difficulty:


The exam was very dificulty. – El examen estaba de puta madre “muy difícil”

Damn, what a fright the fucking shaking gave me! ” – ¡Maldita sea, qué susto me dio el puto temblor!”


3- The word is also often used as a which is very good:


This is fucking life, amazing – Esta es la puta vida, increíble. 

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