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Abuela vs Abuelita | Learn Spanish

What is the difference between abuela and abuelita?

In this lesson you will learn the difference between abuela vs abuelita in Spanish.
abuelita in Spanish = granny
abuela in Spanish  = grandma

Now, let’s find out the difference between abuela vs abuelita in Spanish.

Abuelita in Spanish

“Abuelita” is the diminutive form of “abuela” Also “Abuelita” expresses love and affection. The term “Abuelita” is something mostly for children to say, although many of us continue to call  “abuelita”  to the “abuela” exceptional, affectionate, and who in our childhood gave us a lot of love and protection.

Abuela in Spanish

“Abuela” is your mother’s mother or your father’s mother. Also “Abuela” sounds more with a tone of respect and distance, with more formal settings, such as writing, people sometimes just say “abuela”. The diminutive “Abuelita” definitely feels closer, warmer, more loving. Now that you know the difference you can choose from the term ‘abuela vs abuelita’.

Examples with the word ‘abuela’:


Ella es la abuela de Carlos Su abuela es muy trabajadora Tu abuela se parece mucho a ti El nombre de mi abuela es María Ella es nuestra abuela


She is Carlos’s grandmother Her grandmother is a hard worker Your grandmother looks a lot like you My grandmother’s name is Maria She is our grandmother

Examples with the word ‘abuelita’:


Mi abuelita es muy dulce Mi abuelita es muy amable Yo quiero mucho a mi abuelita Mi abuelita me quiere mucho Tu abuelita es muy divertida


My granny is very sweet My granny is very kind I love my granny very much My granny loves me a lot Your granny is very funny
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