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Vegetables in Spanish Flashcards

How to translate the vegetables in Spanish with flashcards?. Learn basic vocabulary in Spanish with flashcards. Study the Spanish language with pictures. English to Spanish translation.

Vegetables in Spanish Flashcards

brócoli – broccoli
lechuga – lettuce
tomate – tomato
maíz – corn
berenjena – eggplant
aguacate – avocado
coliflor – cauliflower
rábano – radish


green Spanish vegetables
pimiento – capsicum
zanahoria – carrot
chalote – shallot
pepino – cucumber
repollo – cabbage
ají – chili
calabaza – pumpkin
papa – potato


Spanish vegetables dishes
apio – celery 
espinaca – spinach
batata – sweet potato
coles de Bruselas – Brussel sprout
remolacha – beetroot
alcachofa – artichoke
jengibre – ginger
brotes – sprouts


learn vegetables in Spanish
cebolla – onion
cebolla roja – red onion
puerro – leek
pak choi – pak choy
calabacín – zucchini
guisantes – peas
champiñón – mushroom 
frijoles – beans
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