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Kitchen Items Flashcards in Spanish

Kitchen Items Flashcards

How to translate the  kitchen items in Spanish with flashcards?. Learn basic vocabulary in Spanish with flashcards. Study the Spanish language with pictures. English to Spanish translation with flashcards

taza – cup
delantal – apron
cuchillo – knife
rodillo – rolling pin
balanza – scales 
guantes – oven  mitt
colador – strainer
tazón – bowl


spoon in Spanish
tenedor – fork
pelador – peeler
taburete – stool
máquina de hielo – ice maker
cucharón – ladle
cuchara de madera – wooden spoon
olla – pot
sombrero – hat


microwave  in Spanish
tazón – mug
silla – chair
matamoscas – fly swat
mesa – table
horno – oven
refrigerador – fridge
microonda – microwave
batidora – blender


my kitchen in Spanish
mezclador – mixer 
tostadora – toaster
hervidor – kettle
cafetera – coffee pot


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