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Pedir vs Preguntar in Spanish

Pedir vs Preguntar in Spanish

Let’s find out what is the difference between pedir vs preguntar in Spanish. Study basic grammar rules with online lessons. Read about how and when to use some important words and phrases. When to use pedir vs preguntar in Spanish?.

 Pedir vs Preguntar in Spanish


What is The difference between preguntar and pedir in Spanish?

The verbs “pedir and “preguntar.
They both mean 
“to ask” but they are not interchangeable.


pedir – to ask for, or request an object, service or favor


Pide más tiempo He asks for more time

Pedimos más frutas. – We ask for more fruits


preguntar –  to ask a question, or request information

Pregunto cuando es. – I ask when it is.

Preguntamos por las frutas. – We ask about the fruits

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