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Terminos de la carne | Meats in Spanish

The phrase ‘terminos de la carne’ is translated in English as ‘meat terms’. Meat has been an important part of the diet throughout human evolution, it provides protein of high biological value and nutrients with better bioavailability than other alternative food sources.

What does terminos de la carne mean?

terminos de la carne

Here is the list of términos de la carne (meat terms)  in Spanish and English.

crudo = raw

término crudo = rare

término medio = medium rare

término tres cuartos = medium well

bien cocido = well done

How do you say different meats in Spanish?

The Meats in Spanish (Las Carnes)

términos de la carne

Bistéc, Res (Steak)

meat balls in spanish

Albóndigas (Meat Balls)

chicken in spanish

Pollo (Chicken)

fish in spanish

Pescado (Fish)

turkey in spanish

Pavo (Turkey)

pork in spanish

Lechón, Cerdo, Puerco (Pork)

ham in spanish

Jamón (Ham)

terminos de coccion de la carne de res

Costillas a la
(Barbecue Ribs)

terminos de la carne azul


como preguntar el termino de la carne en ingles


terminos de coccion de la carne

Tocino (Bacon)

terminos de la carne en ingles

Carne de Vaca, Carne
de Res

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