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How Do You Use Ser and Estar in Spanish?

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The general rule of permanent/temporary will get you in trouble (sooner than) later.

– Ser is used to describe a more or less permanent attribute of something. 
“Ella es bella” means “She’s a pretty woman (all the time).” 
– Estar typically describes a passing characteristic. 
“Ella está bella,” “She looks pretty (today).”

This is why you “ser” from a place but “estar” in it, as well as “ser loco” meaning you are a mentally ill person, but “estar loco” meaning you’re acting crazy, often said jokingly.

ser – “Ellos son delgados” means “They are thin” (all the time)
estar – “Ellos están delgados” means “They look thin” (today)

ser– “Nosotros somos gordos” means “We are fat” (all the time)

estar – “Nosotros estamos gordos” means “We look fat” (today)

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