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Restaurant in Spanish | Buen Provecho

The restaurant in Spanish. Let’s learn the Spanish vocabulary for when you are at the restaurant.

How to order at a Restaurant? | Phrases in Spanish

courses- platos

first course- entrada

main course- plato principal

dessert- postre


Things the waiter says in Spanish (Cosas que dice el camarero)

What would you like to drink, eat?- ¿Qué te gustaría para beber, comer?

Have you finished?- ¿Ha terminado?

Would you like to order?- ¿Te gustaría ordenar?

Anything else- ¿Algo más?

Restaurant words and phrases in Spanish

The Spanish potato omelette is very tasty.- La tortilla española es muy rica.

Things you say to the waiter- Cosas que se dice al camarero

Excuse me (to attract the waiter’s attention)- Oiga/Permiso

We’d like to order.- Nosotros queremos ordenar

well done, medium, rare- bien hecho, en su punto, poco hecho

What is there for dessert?-¿Qué hay de postre?

Are there any free tables?- ¿Hay algunas mesas libres?

Where are the toilets?- ¿Dónde están los servicios?

Do you have any ……..?- ¿Usted tiene algún …….?

Can I have the bill please?- La cuenta, por favor.

Do you have a table for four people?- ¿Tiene una mesa para cuatro personas?

I have a reservation for Maria.- Tengo una reservación para Maria.

This is not what I ordered.-  Esto no es lo que he pedido.

Can you bring me some more bread?- ¿Me puede traer más pan?

What do you recommend?- ¿Qué me recomienda?

Does this dish have meat in it?- ¿Este plato tiene carne?

How long do we have to wait?-¿Cuánto tiempo tenemos que esperar?

Does it come with salad?- ¿Viene con ensalada?

Nothing more, thanks.- Nada más, gracias..

Keep the change.- Quédese con el cambio.

buen provecho

the menu – la carta (note “el menu” means the fixed menu not the list of all available dishes). If you don’t want a “menu del día” ask for “la carta”.

a tip –una propina

fixed-price menu – menu del dia (normally you can choose from 3 or 4 options for each course. Bread and a drink are normally included)

It’s on me.-¡Te invito yo!

I am a vegetarian-Soy vegetariano/-na.

Enjoy your meal – Buen provecho


Objects in a restaurant (Objetos en un restaurante)

knife, fork, spoon, cutlery- cuchillo, tenedor, cuchara, cubiertos

table- mesa

tablecloth- mantel

salt, pepper- sal, pimienta

chair- silla

dining room- comedor

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