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Me Gustan | Verbs like Gustar

How many conjugations are there for verbs like Gustar?

Verbs like "gustar" in spanish

The verb “gustar” requires use of the indirect object pronouns.

Note: The only forms of “gustar” you will use are “gusta” and “gustan”


Me gusta la fresa.
I like the strawberry

Te gusta el programa.
You like the program.

Nos gusta el color azul.
We like the color blue.

Me gustan las fresas.
I like the strawberries

Te gustan los programas.
You like the programs.

Nos gustan los colores.
We like the colors.

Note: Remember, “gustar” becomes either “gusta” or “gustan”, depending upon whether the subject of the sentence is singular or plural.


Subject /Singular Subject/Plural

Yo (I)/Me gusta la casa/Me gustan las casas

Tú (You)(Informal)/Te gusta el libro/Te gustan los libros

Él /Ella(He/She)/Le gusta la ropa/Le gustan las ropas

Usted (You)(Formal)/Le gusta  la playa/Le gustan las playas

Nosotros(as)(We)/Nos gusta  el refresco/Nos gustan los refrescos

Vosotros(as)(You)(Informal)/Os gusta  la competencia/Os gustan las competencias

Ellos(as)(They)/Les gusta la canción/Les gustan las canciones

Ustedes(You)(Formal)/Les gusta el ejercicio/Les gustan los ejercicios

Note: For purposes of clarification, the sentence will often begin with a prepositional phrase that clarifies just who the indirect object pronoun refers to.


A ella le gustan los frijoles.
She likes the beans

A él le gustan los frijoles.
He likes the beans

A usted le gustan los frijoles.
You (formal) like the beans.

A ellos les gusta la comida.
They like the food.

A nosotros nos gusta la comida.
We like the food

Note: As you can see, by adding a prepositional phrase, we remove the ambiguity of the “le” form.

Note: You can also use a prepositional phrase to add emphasis, even if there is no ambiguity.


A Julia le gusta el café.
Julia likes coffee.

A mí me gusta la sopa caliente.
I like hot soup.

– Here is a list of verbs similars to “gustar”

aburrir – to bore

fascinar – to be fascinating to

bastar – to be sufficient

importer – to be important to

caer bien (mal) – to (not) suit

interesar – to be interesting to

dar asco – to be loathsome

molestar – to be a bother

disgustar – to hate something

parecer – to appear to be

doler (o:ue) – to be painful

picar – to itch

encantar – to “love” something

quedar – to be left over, remain

faltar – to be lacking something

volver (o:ue) loco – to be crazy about

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