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Types of Jobs in Spanish

Types of Jobs in Spanish

What are the names of jobs in Spanish?

When learning Spanish as a second language, it’s very important to learn about the types of jobs because of various business transactions that can be done through the use of it. One common job in Spanish is working as a translator in the United States, Canada, or Europe. This can be for writing, translating electronic documents, preparing reports, and so on.
Another common job in Spanish is being a teacher of Spanish at schools, colleges, and universities. There are also more job opportunities in the hospitality industry such as being a chef or a hotel manager if you are skilled in this language. If you want a job in the Spanish language, you must know some information that can help you with your career. Why not start by learning the jobs translated into Spanish.

How do you say someone’s profession in Spanish?

List of jobs in the Spanish language

Below you will find a list of the most popular types of trades in Spanish.

Types of Jobs in Spanish (Tipos de Oficios)

veterinary in spanish


taxist in spanish


soldier in spanish

Soldado (Soldier)

spanish housekeeper

Sirvienta (Housekeeper)

police in spanish


painter in spanish


pilot in spanish

Piloto (Pilot)

journalist in spanish

Periodista (Journalist)

hairdresser in spanish


spanish babysitter


musician in spanish

Músico (Musician)

messenger in spanish

Mensajero (Messenger)

mechanic in spanish


teacher in spanish, spanish teacher

Profesora, Maestra(Teacher)

gardener in spanish

Jardinera (Gardener)

enginner in spanish

Ingeniero (Engineer)

manager in spanish


photographer in spanish


pharmacist in spanish

Farmacéutica (Pharmacist)

writer in spanish

Escritor (Writer)

nurse in spanish


doctor in Spanish


dentist in spanish

Dentista (Dentist)

builder in spanish

Constructor (Builder)

chef in spanish


scientific in spanish


carpenter in spanish

Carpintero (Carpenter)

waitress in spanish

Camarera (Waitress)

singer in spanish


cashier in spanish


fireman in spanish

Bombero (Fireman)

barber in spanish

Barbero (Barber)

dancer in spanish


athlete is spanish


artist in spanish

Artista (Artist)

lawyer in spanish

Abogada (Lawyer)

security officer in spanish

Oficial de Seguridad(Security Officer)

plumber in spanish


Jobs in Spanish don’t have limitations. You can work as a receptionist, office manager, telemarketer, marketing specialist, or even a salesperson in a firm. All you need to do is learn how to speak Spanish fluently.
There are also jobs in advertising sales where you sell brochures and other promotional materials created in the Spanish language to companies and individuals. Or, you can be a translator to people who can’t read or speak much English.
Some websites offer jobs in Spanish and job ads from companies that are searching for someone who can speak and understand the Spanish language. Or you can meet other people who have the same interests and who can help you with your job search.
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