12 in Spanish

How to say 12 in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice 12 en español? The number 12 in Spanish translation: doce (twelve). 12 (twelve) (doce) is the natural number that follows 11 and precedes 13. Twelve is a higher highly composite number, divisible by 2, 3, 4, and 6. It is the number of years required for one orbital period of Jupiter. The number twelve is central to many timekeeping systems, including the Western calendar and time-of-day units, and appears frequently in the world’s major religions.

12 in Spanish

12 (twelve)- doce

1 (one) – uno

2 (two) – dos

11 (eleven)- once

13 (thirteen) – trece

Twelve is the largest number with a single-syllable name in English. It has been theorized that early Germanic numbers were not decimals: evidence includes the unusual wording of eleven and twelve, the earlier use of “hundred” to refer to groups of 120, and the presence of glosses such as “ten” or “ten”. -count” in medieval texts showing that writers could not assume that their readers would normally understand them that way. These usages gradually disappeared with the introduction of Arabic numerals during the 12th-century Renaissance.

Twelve is a composite number, the smallest number with exactly six divisors, its divisors being 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12. Twelve is also a highly composite number, the next being twenty-four. In particular, twelve is the number of full lunations in a solar year, thus the number of months in a solar calendar, as well as the number of signs in the Western and Chinese zodiac. Twelve is also the number of years for an orbital period of Jupiter.

12 in Spanish Translation

The number twelve carries religious, mythological, and magical symbolism, generally representing perfection, wholeness, or cosmic order in traditions since ancient times. Aeschylus describes the number of twelve jurors in the jury trials in the Eumenides. In the play, the innovation is brought about by the goddess Athena, who summons twelve citizens to sit on the jury. The atomic number of magnesium in the periodic table. The Standard Model identifies twelve types of elementary fermions, as well as twelve types of elementary gauge bosons. The human body has twelve cranial nerves.

We can conclude by saying that the number twelve is very interesting. It is an important part of many activities and events both on the terrestrial and astronomical planes.


Lily: Carlos, ¿qué número de zapato usas? | Carlos, what shoe size do you wear?

Carlos: Yo uso el doce | I use 12

Sentences with the number 12 in Spanish

Doce eran los discípulos de Jesucristo.Twelve were the disciples of Jesus Christ.
Nos vemos a las doce en mi casa.See you at twelve at my house.
Tengo doce razones para casarme contigo.I have twelve reasons to marry you.
Eran las doce de la noche cuando te conocí.It was twelve o’clock at night when I met you.
Con doce panes no va a alcanzar.With twelve loaves it will not be enough.
Seremos doce para el próximo mes.We will be twelve for next month.
Necesito doce candidatas para el concurso de belleza.I need twelve candidates for the beauty pageant.
Me devolvió doce pesos.He gave me back twelve pesos.
Me comí doce hamburguesas por la noche.I ate twelve hamburgers that night.
En vez de doce, dio a luz a quince bebés.Instead of twelve, she gave birth to fifteen babies.
Ella tenía doce pellizcos y nueve felpas.She had twelve pinches and nine felts.
Ese restaurante cocina para doce comensales.That restaurant cooks for twelve people.
El reloj marca las doce.The clock strikes twelve.
Somos doce los compañeros que trabajamos aquí.We are twelve colleagues who work here.
Ella estuvo aquí cuando sonaron las doce campanadas.She was here when twelve bells rang.
Lo alzaron doce veces hasta que se desmayó.She was hoisted twelve times until she passed out.
Yo calzo el número doce.I wear number twelve.
Ese caramelo me costó doce pesos.That candy cost me twelve pesos.
La chica me dio doce besos en el cuello.The girl gave me twelve kisses on the neck.
El autobús se ha demorado doce minutos en pasar.The bus has taken twelve minutes to pass.
La lancha recorrió doce millas.The launch traveled twelve miles.
La vara medía doce metros de alto.The rod was twelve meters high.
En mi vida había visto doce monos juntos.In my life I had seen twelve monkeys together.
¿Quién me vende doce mandarinas?Who sells me twelve tangerines?
¡Tráeme doce botellas de ron!Bring me twelve bottles of rum!
Sesenta entre doce es igual a cinco.Sixty divided by twelve equals five.
Me quedan doce libras de arroz.I have twelve pounds of rice left.
Me he desayunado doce huevos hervidos.I had twelve boiled eggs for breakfast.
Tengo como doce mangos para regalarte.I have about twelve mangoes to give you.
La estrella de la foto tiene doce puntas.The star in the photo has twelve points.

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